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Talking about a Desire to Excel

In the month of June seven members of AREA chose to join FIABCI, the International Real Estate Federation. They include: Bob Sherwin, Santa Fe; Robbie Mills, Redondo Beach; Hans Hansson, San Francisco; Page Sullivan, Taos, April Brown, Dallas; Alicia Garatoni, Minneapolis; and David Graul, Orlando.  Well done!

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Missoula and Beyond

Ennis, MT

One never knows what you will find in magical (yes, indeed, “magical”) Montana. We had the pleasure of a brief visit there last week and enjoyed driving by small herds of buffalo and elk, seeing grizzly bears and being amazed at the incredible size of timber wolves. We enjoyed an old fashioned double chocolate ice cream soda in Ennis inside an old fashioned ice cream parlor (only one in town), the snows of winter in Yellowstone, the vastness of the wilderness throughout; lovely Hamilton (Mayberry North) and, of course, eclectic Missoula where San Franciscans come when they want a little variety.

Lunch with Jane Iten (Chilean Sea Bass) at a world class resort followed by drinks with Diane Beck in Missoula, overlooking a beautiful river stream, and then it was back on Allegiant Airlines and the humbling trip back to civilization.

There are small and large pleasures in life. Enjoying both, virtually at the same time, makes one feel very blessed.

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2010 British Columbia Real Estate Convention


Bill McMillan (Palm Springs) investigates the new television offering provided by one of the many exhibitors at the convention.

AREA attended the 2010 British Columbia Real Estate Convention held at the Canadian Convention Centre in Vancouver on the 8th and 9th of April.  Joining Director Carl Bosse, were Bruce Sheldon of Surrey, B.C.; Mallina Wilson of Bellingham, WA; Bill McMillan of Palm Springs and Nick Walker of Vancouver who all manned the booth at one time or another. Results from the convention will not be known for some time but the mood found at it was overwhelmingly positive. AREA will be presenting the Convention with an idea about future participation within a few days. In the interim, we will keep you posted on any positive developments.

Mallina Wilson of Bellingham joins Nick Walker in a discussion with one of the many visitors to the AREA booth at the 2010 British Columbia Real Estate Convention.

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2010 AREA Convention Speakers

We are pleased to announce that our good friend, Ursula Morel, President of FIABCI-Canada, will be among the featured speakers at our 2010 Convention in Seattle on the 22nd and 23rd of September. Also included on the roster are Susan Newman, (Alexandria, Virgnia) Secretary-General of FIABCI-USA, Eugenia Foxworth (Manhattan-Acapulco); Jay West (Cabo San Lucas); CIPS instructor, David Wyant (Daytona Beach); Land Guru, Irv Ridd (Vancouver); Rob Mehta (Minneapolis –Bangkok); Hans Hansson (San Francisco); Bruce Sheldon (Surrey, B.C.) head of the British Columbia Commercial Brokers Association and Anita Rodal (Los Angeles) lender.

Co-hosting the event are Barbara Otterson of Seattle and Mallina Wilson of Bellingham. They are organizers of the Washington State Chapter of FIABCI and members of AREA.

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AREA Director to Host FIABCI-USA Commerical Forum

Commercial FIABCI Forum – April 1 at 4pm EDT

“Win the Local Deal – Regardless of your Size”

Basically, 95% of all commercial deals are done locally. What resources are available to help firms, large and small? And how do you find them?  This meeting will be chaired by FIABCI-USA member, Carl Bosse, who has invited special guests from Canada and San Francisco to join us and share their expertise.  For more information contact AREA at

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Christophe Choo – Beverly Hills, CA

Christophe Choo – Beverly Hills, CA

Christophe Choo has over 20+ years experience in selling real estate and is a licensed Broker with over 450 closed real estate transactions.

  • Proven, non-traditional sales and marketing techniques, in depth knowledge of the marketplace.
  • “Top Producer” status in the Coldwell Banker International Presidents Premiere: the top 1% of Coldwell Banker agents worldwide.
  • Christophe is in the top 10 agents in his office and in the top 100 agents for Coldwell Banker Greater L.A. for 2009.
  • Christophe ranked #26 for all of Coldwell Banker Greater Los Angeles in 2007.
  • Christophe SOLD the highest price home in the history of Holmby Hills in 2007 – asking price $26,500,000.00.
  • Fluent in French and Spanish

Christophe gives back to the community and is on the Board of Directors and Development Chair for Covenant House California a shelter for homeless youth in Hollywood and Oakland California. Coldwell Banker has honored Christophe in his designation as Regional Training Director, Estates Director, Certified Commercial Associate and Certified Negotiator. Christophe has broken sales records in many of Los Angeles’ Westside neighborhoods. His career encompassing a broad scope – estates, single-family residences, condominiums, income and commercial properties, local, national and international sales. Christophe has been in the top 1% of Broker’s internationally for many years. Christophe’s Professional closing team: West Coast Escrow, Equity Title, & Mortgage Broker’s are all seasoned experts in their field and have been working with Christophe since 1989.  To contact Christophe, please use the form below.

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AREA Welcomes the Lone Star State

Janis Morgan, Co-Owner of Keller Williams Legacy Group of San Antonio, husband Neil Morgan and Jule Nordhaus

On the 22nd of February I landed in Dallas around 2 in the afternoon. My destination that evening was Austin where I had a reservation at a local hotel. The purpose of this trip was to visit the newest members of Associated Realty of the Americas in San Antonio, Austin and Houston and to host personal interviews in Dallas.

Well, the weather was not cooperating. The drive to my layover, Austin was fine, but, then, the weather changed. The forecast was rain, snow and sleet. First there would be the rain, then the dissipation to sleet and snow. Not a fun! I left at dawn the next morning for the, roughly 100 mile trip to San Antonio, where I was to meet up with Janis Morgan and company. (I purposely) arrived early for the meeting, hoping to luck out and beat the weather before heading on to Houston.

The Legacy office is located on the north side of San Antonio. While I arrived early, prepared to wait until the scheduled meeting time, right behind me came Janis Morgan, a CIPS, and an owner of the firm. Gracious, as a Southern woman can be, she took me back to her office and, after tiding up some needed business, including asking her husband, Neil to come by earlier than expected, we got down to business.

This was my first personal meeting with them and I came away very impressed. Janis is the seller. Neil is overseer. Also joining us was their go to person, Jule Nordhaus. Together they make a formidable team. Our meeting lasted about an hour and a half culminating in Neil playing a small prank on me in which we all shared a good laugh. It created a very good bond.

Carl Bosse, Director of AREA is warmly greeted by Margie Kaplan at the FIABCI February luncheon held at Polo’s restaurant in Northwest Houston.

Before leaving I received a cook’s tour of the over 11,000 square feet of office space they occupy. It is a beautiful, single story, building with several conference rooms, executive, staff and Realtor offices, all introduced in a magnificent entry space, so pleasing and tasteful. Within these confines, 200 professional Realtors, hang their licenses and practice their trade. It is truly an environment for success for both customers and Realtors, alike.  Janis shared stories about her partners, especially about the general manager of the overall business, whom both she and Neil have the greatest of respect.  A nice visit … and a wet retreat, found me driving the 200 miles to Houston. I arrived there in late afternoon and settled in as the snow began to fall.

Christi Borden, President of FIABCI Houston, Lisa Kurrass, President of FIABCI-World and Houston AREA affiliate, Margie Kaplan, at the monthly FIABCI meeting held on February 24th in Houston, Texas.

The next day it was off to meet with Margie Kaplan, CIPS, who had invited me to join her at the monthly meeting of FIABCI-Houston. The event was held at Polo’s Restaurant northwest of downtown. A beautiful restaurant, we were to have a sumptuous lunch of Caesar Salad, baked salmon topped off with Key Lime pie. I actually met Polo, himself, and was pleased to offer him my praise for one of the best preparations and presentations I can remember.

Around 30-40 members of the local chapter were in attendance and Margie and I had a good opportunity to get acquainted while the members arrived. Chief among them was Christi Borden of Prudential Gary Greens, Realtors. She also happens to be president of the Houston FIABCI chapter. It was all very pleasant.

As we sat musing with our salads, someone approached our table and said ..”Carl, I heard you were going to be here, and I just had to come to say hello.” It was Lisa Kurrass, the current President of FIABCI-World, and a Realtor-Property Manager in Houston. Lisa and I had very briefly met in Hawaii at the FIABCI Pan Pacific meeting and it was kind of her to be so thoughtful. One can hardly appreciate the heavy weight of the crown worn by the world president of such a prestigious organization. First, her duties are extensive and exhausting. Second, she receives no compensation, other than the thanks for service. Finally, such an endeavor requires the use of a great deal of personal resources. As an example, she is on 16 different UN commissions and/or committees dealing with a wide range of world problems from water conservation, agriculture, global climate, third world aide etc. So, just being in the same room was a great honor.

We were treated to a talk by a young man who uses nothing but the internet to promote his business. He talked about social networking and why it works. Great talk, and very apropos for an older guy, who, like me, in a world that I have not come to understand, but do resent. Education complete (20 minutes) I have changed my mind. Epiphanies are wondrous!

After all was said and done, I bid farewell to Margie, the mother of 4 girls, the oldest being but 12. Margie, as our residential representative in Houston, enjoys a strong reputation and a very good business. She deals exclusively in high end boutique with a total of four on her team. She is a delight and I am so pleased to have her part of us.

I then immediately left and drove to Austin where I spent a restful evening at the Sheraton Hotel, just off the freeway, not far from the location of my next meeting.

Laura Duggan

I arrived at the beautiful offices of Laura Duggan, president of West Austin Properties, located in an old Mansion not far from the State Capitol. She introduced me to her associate, Patrick Birdsong. And then we sat and talked about a variety of issues, getting to know one another, on a personal basis, for the first time.

Laura is one of the most well known Realtors@ (Insert picture) involved in international marketing in the United States. She holds, among many designations, a CIPS and makes it her job to understand the goings on of every major real estate market in the Country. While much could be learned from her, timing was an issue, as she had a noon presentation to prepare for, and I needed to be in Dallas for an early afternoon meeting before flying out. We had time to discuss, among things, a potential commercial affiliation and I was pleased to learn that her office was moving in that direction. Consequently, we agreed that, as soon as the work was finished in that regard, they would become our commercial affiliate also. I left shortly before 11 in the morning for the three and half hour drive to Dallas.

I met with April Brown and Lynette DeBose at a near downtown restaurant. Charming ladies both are with Keller Williams Associates.

An afternoon meeting with April Brown (left) and Lynette DeBose (right) in Dallas culminating a very wonderful week in Texas.

April is very much interested in getting involved in both high end residential sales and also the international part of the business. A graduate of SMU, she has a strong marketing background. (She offered to help me maximize usage of my Face Book presence. I am excited about that opportunity.) She also advised me that the coming weekend she will begin her CIPS training. Her enthusiasm in contagious and I am pleased she will be joining us.

Lynette, in another life, was an executive in the telecommunications industry. Poised and articulate, it was a joy to meet her. She is specializing in commercial real estate at Keller Williams, basically being involved in the acquisition for clients of multi-tenant buildings. She noted that Dallas is a great place for such a business because the cap rates are among the highest in the nation. AREA is pleased to have Lynette as part of our team.

It was then off to the airport where I took a wrong turn and instead of getting on the interstate, happened upon a toll road going in the opposite direction. By the time I recovered from that fiasco and found the freeway, traffic was beginning to accumulate and, as I approached the Dallas-Fort Worth Airport, was backing up in dramatic fashion. My car rental location was off-site and the sweat began to pour as I also realized that I was not exactly sure how to retrace my original steps. Without going into details, they were about to close the door on my flight as I raced down the gateway and onto the plane. I arrived in Tucson at 11:15 p.m. and was home, in bed at 12, the stroke of midnight. I slept very well that night knowing that the trip was so successful.

By the way, did you know that Texas maintains an embassy in London? This is another example, that “The Eyes of Texas”, truly, are international. Welcome aboard our Lone Star Affiliates! We are proud to be your associates! “Drive Friendly!”


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Marsha Price – Boston, Massachusetts

Marsha Price - Boston, MA

Always aware of the fact that a customer has the right to expect a very high level of engagement and concern from his Realtor, Marsha Price takes pride in her ability to provide such services. Customer focused sales and marketing specialist with a degree in marketing and with experience in consulting. Use of up-to-date technology is employed for both buyers and sellers. Care and attention paid to what customers are looking for and the employment of considerable skills in research and marketing to efficiently and competently see a transaction through. Strong network of Real Estate professionals, locally, nationally, and internationally.  Active in downtown Boston, Beacon Hill, the Back Bay, the Waterfront, the South End and Cambridge. Pro Bono Consultant, Dana Farber Cancer Institute.


Certified International Property Specialist Member, CIPS Network (National and International Real Estate Network) Realtor, National Association of Realtors Real Estate Licensee, Massachusetts, Florida Research Affiliate, Massachusetts Institute of Technology ( M.I.T. Member, Boston Chamber of Commerce. Member, Federation Internationale . Des Professions Immobilieres (FIABCI), a non-governmental organization in consultative status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations. Member, International Council of Realtors, Massachusetts Association of Realtors. Self-employed. Specialization in International Real Estate and Investment with particular emphasis on The Netherlands and Germany as well as inbound investment.  To contact Marsha please use the form below.

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Elizabeth Allardice – Raleigh, North Carolina

Elizabeth Allardice - Raleigh, NC

Elizabeth Allardice, is a certified International Property specialist with a wide variety of international experience. Her team’s focus is marketing the “niche” luxury relocation and golf course markets throughout “The Golden Triangle”. She has earned a large number of designations including that of a Certified Luxury Home Marketing Specialist. She and her group promise to provide members of AREA the highest degree of professionalism in assuring that your client’s are well treated whenever a referral is made. She also realizes that having a network of highly qualified individuals in AREA provides her team with the same professionalism when sending out referrals. to contact Elizabeth please use the form below.

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Laura Duggan – Austin, Texas

Laura Duggan - Austin, TX

Laura Duggan is the owner and broker of West Austin Properties, a second generation real estate firm in Austin, Texas. She is also a Certified International Property Specialist. “As a third-generation native with 30 years of experience, I am uniquely prepared to represent both buyers and sellers in the purchase or sale of a home in any price range. Doing relocation work is also a passion, by connecting clients and their families to meet every need. Whether it is a special academic setting or finding a job for a spouse, my team makes this process seamless.”

She and her team specialize in the sale of luxury and waterfront properties and have a strong network of real estate friends all over the world, so they can also refer clients and friends when they are seeking property almost anywhere. Laura and Brad, her husband of 28 years have two grown daughters.  To contact Laura please use the form below.

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Carolyn Andrews – Denver, Colorado

Carolyn Andrews - Denver, CO

Carolyn Andrews is a native of England, holds numerous designations including that of the prestigious Certified International Property Specialist.  She has 25 years of experience as a Broker in both California and Colorado. She and her group were number one in most homes sold in the Denver MA in 2007 and number 2 in 2008. Her specialty is international and national relocation. You can count on Carolyn and her remarkable team to provide the highest quality, professional service whenever you have a referral to make to the Denver area.  To contact Carolyn please use the form below.

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Issabella Silverstein – Miami, Flordia

Issabella Silverstein - Miami, FL

As a longtime resident of Florida, Issabella Silverstein holds numerous designations including the prestigious Certified International Property Specialists (CIPS), an accredited member of the Federation International Association for International Real Estate (FIADCI).  Issabella has been interviewed and quoted in European real estate magazine articles for her valued perspective on international real estate market buyers and their impact on the Florida real estate market. She has acted as an advisor to real estate developers from South America for luxury residential projects in South Florida. With a Venezuelan and Italian background Mrs. Silverstein is fluent in English, Spanish, Italian and French. Silverstein currently markets and sells luxury residential properties and investment properties on Miami Beach, Star Island, Palm Island, La Gorce Island, Key Biscayne and Coral Gables.  To contact Isabella please use the form below.

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Claire Prager – Tucson, AZ

Claire Prager - Tucson, AZ

Claire Prager is a Certified International Property Specialist working as an associate broker with Coldwell Banker. She moved to Tucson after 30 years in Washington D.C. and several private sector careers including selling real estate in Maryland, Virginia and the District of Columbia. Claire enjoys a national reputation and has a wide variety of designations including:

  • Accredited Buyer Representative (ABR)
  • Certified International Property Specialist (CIPS)
  • Certified Residential Specialist (CRS)
  • REALTOR® Institute (GRI)
  • GREEN Realtor®
  • Performance Management Network (PMN);
  • Resort and Second House Specialist
  • Seniors Real Estate Specialist (SRES)
  • Transnational Referral Network (TRC)
  • Coldwell Banker Executive Sales Associate (ESA)
  • Coldwell Banker Previews Property Specialist (PPS)

To contact Claire, please use the form below.

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A Tribute to Canada

On the eve of the 2010 Winter Olympics, we want to express our appreciation for having Canada as such an integral part of the Associated Realty of the Americas.  Over the past few years, as we have gotten to know Canada, we have come to realize what a great and wonderful country it is.

There is a pride in Canada, shared universally throughout the world, that it is a country of achievement, tolerance, and humility. From the telephone to the Blackberry; from healthcare to climate change control, Canada is on the cutting edge in managing the human condition.

So, as this world event commences (and, even as the weather is not cooperating), we stand proud to be your partners. From the great cities of Halifax and Quebec in the east to those of Victoria and Vancouver in the west and all across the great divide, the world is a better place because of you.  May these Olympics bring the world together once again, in the spirit of friendly competition, just as Calgary did not so long ago.

God Bless Canada!

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Eugenia Foxworth – New York, New York

Eugenia Foxworth - New York

Eugenia Foxworth specializes in exceptional properties in New York City, Riverdale and internationally. She is a Certified International Property designate and is on the Board of Directors for FIABCI-USA (the international federation of real estate). She received a “Medal of Honor” for distinguished service from the U.S. Chapter President (2007-2008). She was elected as a Vice President of Networking and Marketing for FIABCI International. Eugenia is the winner of numerous awards and citations in recognition of her prodigious efforts as a real estate professional. Eugenia’s hallmark is her modesty and willingness to share her vast knowledge with all. She understands that significance of being a part of AREA, as the high quality of the agents within the group provides all parties a high degree on comfort when making referrals.  To contact Eugenia please use the form below.

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Jodi Van Cleve – St. George, Utah

Jodi Van Cleve - St. George, Utah

Jodi is the principal broker for Golf Country Homes, owned by herself and husband, Steve, a builder/developer. St. George enjoys a world-wide reputation for being in one of the most perfect spots on earth where inexpensive golf, skiing, hunting and fishing all join together in a delightful setting. Only a couple of hours north of Las Vegas, one can have all of the pleasures of high desert living, in a relatively mild climate, while enjoying the glitz of the city whenever the moods fancies such an adventure. Jodi understands well the mandate of AREA to provide top service to our referring agents and pledges to provide you with nothing but the best. She and Steve are working together to bring unparalleled service to all of our referring agents. To contact Jodi please use the form below.

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Gary Brasher – Tubac, Arizona

Gary Brasher - Tubac, Arizona

Gary Brasher is one of the owners of Brasher Real Estate, a small boutique firm serving Southern Arizona for over a quarter century. Family owned, the company’s broker is Gary’s sister, Jacque. Gary serves as the Governor’s real estate representative on the Arizona-Mexico Commission and has served as the broker’s representatives for the Arizona Real Estate Commissioner. A former FBI agent, Gary played defensive back for Colorado Buffalo’s. With excellent connections in Mexico, Brasher is uniquely situated to assist winter visitors with any and every real estate need. Gary became the company’s representative in October of 2009 and is dedicated to providing members of AREA the best possible referral service. To contact Gary please use the form below.

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Irv Ridd – Vancouver, B.C

Irv Ridd - Vancouver, B.C.

Irv Ridd and his wife, Beverly Kniffen, own Cascadia Pacific Realty, which was founded by Irv, a unique properties specialist in British Columbia for over 20 years. He is renowned in the industry as a team player, an expert on acreages, resorts and ranches, a straight shooter and one heck of a fisherman. Based on the principles Irv has ingrained into his professional and personal life, the mandate at Cascadia is to provide the most thorough, professional and helpful service at their disposal. AREA was introduced to Cascadia Pacific by our associate Nick Walker. To contact Irv, please use the form below.

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Federico A. Marin-Schumacher – San Jose, Costa Rico

Federico A. Marin-Schumacher - San Jose, Costa Rico

Federico A. Marin-Schumacher is the C.E.O. for Marschu International Realty. We met Federico during the 2009 NAR Convention in San Diego where he attended Mallina Wilson’s cocktail party.  Sr. Marin-Schumacher has been operating his company for over the past 20 years during which time he has been involved in almost every conceivable type of transaction from assisting manufacturing plants to selling ocean view homes.  He became a full international associate of AREA on December 1, 2009 and is eager to serve you and your referrals.  Please use the form below to contact Frederico.

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AREA Vancouver Trip – Part IV (Final)

Nick Walker, Mr. Wu and Mr. Xu

Upon entering the Bank of China the first thing I noticed was there were no customers and very little infrastructure to provide for them. A beautiful bank in the heart of Vancouver it seemed more of a show-piece than a commercial center. However, looks can be deceiving.

We met with Mr. Wu and Mr. Xu, both young men from Shanghai. Mr. Wu has been in Vancouver for several years. Mr. Xu has only been in the area for a few months. Both spoke English very well.

The first order was to exchange pleasantries and business cards.  Business cards are presented with two hands holding each side of the card, and bowing as the offer to give the card is made. Upon being presented with a card, one accepts it with both-hands, bowing and then carefully reading the card with great interest.

This being accomplished we discussed pleasantries. Then it was down to business. I began by telling them directly that we represent an affiliation of top real estate professionals and companies throughout North America. We came to see them to introduce ourselves and that, hopefully, over time, they would gain enough confidence in us to recommend us to their customers. Then I asked them if this was of interest.

Their response was a hearty yes. “We would enjoy seeing your presentation.”  So, the power point presentation, geared directly for them was made. They enjoyed it, had many good questions and observations and then Mr. Wu spoke. 

“The Chinese appetite currently (mostly due to immigration restrictions in the US) is for properties in Vancouver and Toronto. However, things do change but at the moment that is where we believe it is.” He also told us that the Chinese government is interested in large parcels of land in Canada for the sake of obtaining the raw materials.

I thanked him for his candor and reminded them of the old Chinese saying …”A journey of 1,000 miles begins with a single step.” They agreed; and it was left that we have taken that step and it would be very good for us to keep in touch with them.

Nick and I are working with Irv on our next steps. However, we are in the door and that was our immediate goal.

My last meeting was Friday afternoon in Bellingham with Mallina Wilson. I shared with her the power point presentation and gave her a copy (Nick also received one). I had a great conversation and Mallina left after about an hour. One of Mallina’s excellent points dealt with the customs and mores of the Asian community. We will provide a workshop on this at our next convention because each of us needs to know, in this ever smaller world, how to present our best face to our potential customers.

I have asked Nick Walker to work directly with me in Vancouver on the Asian connection. He did a wonderful job of supporting that effort on behalf of all our members. Thanks to Nick for giving his valuable time. He is a very good guy.

See you in Vancouver in September, if not before!

Warm Regards,


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AREA Vancouver Trip – Part III

After visiting with Bruce Sheldon, I met up with Nick Walker in Vancouver, B.C.. He and I had several meetings set up the first of which was with Clara Hartree in West Vancouver where she is the broker-owner of the RE/MAX franchise. It was a great meeting and Clara is a wonderful resource. Agents in the USA and Canada need to contact Clara and let her know that you will take very good care of her referrals. She would love to hear that! And, in return, you will prosper!

From Right to left: Irv Ridd, Beverley Kniffen and Nick Walker

We then went to Cascadia Pacific Realty and met with owners Beverley Kniffen and Irv Ridd. Irv is a legendary Vancouver commercial broker who brought Sotheby’s to Vancouver, operated the CB Richard Ellis company and now is devoting his time to charitable interests and the marketing of large parcels of land. Barbara is the company broker and also his wife and also very active in charitable work. We enjoyed a very productive meeting and Irv will be assisting us as we approach the Chinese market in B.C. He also advised us that he has a great relationship with the Swiss Bank and will see to it that AREA meets the appropriate parties within that company.

Later we met with HSBC Bank. Not a productive meeting because we probably met the wrong people. However after that, we met with the Bank of China, which turned out to be a very productive meeting. More about this in the next blog entry.


To be continued…

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AREA Vancouver Trip – Part II


From Right to left: Jenny Hill, Barbara Otterson and Mallina Wilson

The next day, quite by accident, I ran into Mallina Wilson (CIPS Bellingham) at the Sea-Tac Double-Tree Hotel. She had suggested that I speak to a couple of fellow CIPS members about potentially joining AREA. They were attending a motivational conference and I had agreed to meet them there for lunch. So happens that Mallina was also there. (Mallina and I had already scheduled to meet in Bellingham on that Friday which I comment on later in this letter.) The ladies are Jenny Hill and Barbara Otterson who both work for Coldwell Banker but in different offices. Over lunch we discussed our program and I was pleased with their enthusiasm and expertise. They will team up to cover all of Seattle. (Also, I had an opportunity to share with them our new power point presentation geared to the Asian market. They enjoyed it and had many good questions and insights as we went through it.)

I also met with some commercial brokers in Seattle before leaving for Vancouver on Wednesday.

In Vancouver my first meeting was with long time AREA associate Bruce Sheldon, a commercial broker, and head of the Western Canadian Commercial Broker’s Association. Bruce will be a featured speaker at the 2010 Vancouver AREA Convention. He also reviewed the power point presentation and said that it would be well received. He will be reviewing information provided on TCN World-wide, an international commercial cooperative, and ways and means of introducing it in Canada. Bruce also will make some banking introductions for us in Vancouver.

To be continued…

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House Hunters and AREA

Recently, our AREA Associate, James Dearsley with Atlas International, was featured on an episode of House Hunters.  The show featured a couple looking for a home in Turkey.  James was assisting the couple, and he will be providing (selling) autographs at our convention in Vancouver later this fall (9/24-9/25).

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

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AREA Vancouver Trip – Part I

Following our annual convention in Denver in October, and over the past few months, AREA has begun to spread its wings. If you go to our website and take a look at the latest version of our map (here) or our blog (here), you will see that we are now in Texas, Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina and Massachusetts. Our associates there will make you proud as they all highly regarded international specialists, each of whom truly believes in the concept of AREA that binds us together. (Please be sure to check out their profiles on the website.) I encourage you to contact them and say hello and offer your assistance. In the next few weeks we will be forging relationships in Manhattan, D.C., Chicago and St. Louis as well as Montreal and Nova Scotia.

The next several blog entries in particular deal with my January 18-22 trip to Seattle and Vancouver, B.C..

On the 18th of January, I was visited in Seattle by Jay West, a dual citizen of the US and Mexico, and broker for Cabo Realty.  Jay has an interesting and varied past (among other things he once owned a rock n’ roll radio station KZEL-FM in Eugene, Oregon; and, has built manufacturing plants in China) and now represents us in Cabo San Lucas. We had a very productive meeting during which he took me to lunch at the renowned 13 Coins Italian restaurant at the Sea-Tac Airport location. (There are two such restaurants in Seattle.) This is the most unusual restaurant I have ever been in. First, it is open 24 hours. Now that sounds absurd but, in reality, it is one of the many things that give the restaurant its appeal. We sat in high backed leather swivel chairs, at a bar which overlooked the open cooking area, much like at a sushi-bar except this bar was probably a good 60-80 feet long. We enjoyed two buckets of local clams in a garlic and pesto broth. The food was exceptional. Anyway, should you ever get to Seattle look it up. It is an experience unlike any other. Jay and I were together the better part of 5 hours and he is considering ways and means of assisting us in Mexico. More about that at a future date. I reviewed our recently created Asian oriented power point presentation with Jay to get his reaction. He shared with me his thoughts which were all positive; giving me the confidence to realize that our time and effort was worthwhile.

Part II coming tomorrow…


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A Holiday Message From FIABCI-Canada President Ursula Morel

Christmas in Whistler

Thinking About “FIABCI’s Passion” Over the Holidays

Because the goodwill of those we serve is the foundation of our success it’s a real pleasure at this holiday time to say “Thank You” as All of us at Sea to Sky Premier Properties wish you a full year of happiness and prosperity with the hope in the near future to have the opportunity to welcome you to a FIABCI World Congress in Vancouver!

As REALTORS®, our professional life is committed to helping people find homes, but we’re unfortunately all too aware of the many people who don’t have the luxury of a warm, safe roof over their head each night.  This reminds me of my passion I share with FIABCI and the United Nations.  FIABCI enjoys ‘Special Consultative’ status at the United Nations. What does this mean? FIABCI’s relations with the UN take on three forms: (1)Advisory; (2) Policy and (3) Charity Initiatives.

I share my Passion with FIABCI’s Policy as Fiabci’s role is to establish and develop policy concerning property matters and pass this information on to the United Nations. This has been especially the case with regard to the thorny problem of the homeless or that of the property business and the environment.  Fiabci has published reports on these issues that the United Nations always refers to.  Over the centuries, property rights were only considered as involving owners and tenants. Now, leading economists see property rights as being the backbone of any community and one of the keys to prosperity. Hernando de Soto, the famous Peruvian economist, explains the differences in the development of some countries in terms of the extent they have been able to take advantage of property and land ownership and their ability to issue title deeds that are (1) Proper and (2) Simple.  That says everything about the importance that a country’s property rights legislation has on its economy. Fiabci is currently working on a “White Paper” on property rights that will be presented to the United Nations. This will be an important part of Fiabci policy.

As president of FIABCI Canada I understand the differences in the development of some countries in terms of the extent they have been able to take advantage of property and land ownership and their ability to issue title deeds and I believe that the Canadian real estate service industry is blessed to understand that importance that a country’s property rights legislation has on its economy!  It is my duty to provide real estate professionals throughout the world with an effective means of communication to enable them to share their knowledge and experience with each other and with the international community in order to provide society with the optimal solution to its property needs.

I also like to share my Passion with “FIABCI’s Environmental Foundation.” The FIABCI Environmental Foundation has been established to complement the efforts of the International Real Estate Federation (FIABCI) in providing society with the optimal solution for its real property needs. Its objective is to foster a broader awareness of our fragile global environment within all sectors of the real estate industry and to promote the wise stewardship of real property as a natural resource

The Global Housing Foundation working to help the world’s homeless is a  joint FIABCI and UN initiative, this non-profit organization launched in 1999 seeks to house the homeless around the globe by combining private- and public-sector resources. The Global Housing Foundation – providing more than just a roof.

So as we begin to celebrate the season with friends, family and colleagues, I ask that we keep those most in need in our minds and I like to share my passion with all of you adding my desire, as the President from FIABCI Canada, to provide real estate professionals throughout the world with an effective means of communication to enable them to share their knowledge and experience with each other and with the international community in order to provide society with the optimal solution to its property needs! Let me know how I can help!

What is the International Real Estate Federation FIABCI?

• Business club of real estate professionals in 60 countries;

• Federation of 100 national real estate associations

• Special consultant with NGO status to the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations Organisation (ECOSOC)

FIABCI Represents All Real Estate Disciplines

• Brokerage,

• Property Management

• Valuation / Appraisal

• Property Development and Consulting

• Lawyers

• Insurers

• Architects

• Urban Planner

FIABCI Represents All Types of Property

• Leisure office, industrial, residential, retail, rural ….

FIABCI is Global

FIABCI is represented by chapters in 48 countries. It has five official languages: English French German Japanese and Spanish.

FIABCI Ojective

FIABCI is a non-political entity whose objective is to help its members add an international dimension to their businesses. FIABCI helps members acquire knowledge, develop networks and optimise business opportunities all over the world.

• We offer at least two international congresses a year

• We are a catalyst for our institutional members, promoting their courses, certifications and publications to our worldwide membership

• We propose international real estate certification in cooperation with FIABCI’s Academic Members

Holiday Greetings and Best Wishes for a New Year of Happiness in a world of peace

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Visting AREA Associates (11/09) – Part II

Logan and Yvonne Adams

That evening I had the pleasure of dining at the home of Yvonne and Logan Adams at their humble abode in Santa Rosa, California. Arriving after dark, I was really not able to capture the full glory of their six level residence high in the foothills overlooking the mountains and valley below. (It would be difficult for me to describe the house as I have never seen anything in my life with which to compare it. It is around 4,200 square feet and is a series of settings, on different levels (guest rooms, master suite, living room, dining area, large kitchen, office etc. It is a treasure, beautifully appointed and seems to fit that setting so perfectly well.)  Yvonne prepared a wonderful dinner right out of Gourmet magazine. It consisted of pecan crusted chicken breasts, fresh asparagus sautéed in butter with almond slivers and gorgonzola and a rice dish with fresh mushrooms and scallions. However, truth be told, the company far exceeded the wonderful meal. Yvonne and Logan are a wonderful couple and told me they are excited about “the ground floor opportunity” AREA offers. I am equally excited they are part of the team.

Atlantis Resort - Reno, NV

The next day I drove to Reno and met with Tyler Clay and an associate (commercial) and Craig Boltman (residential) for lunch at the Atlantis resort near the convention center. It was a good opportunity to renew our acquaintance and bring them up to date on our activities. I highly recommended that Tyler get in touch with Hans in San Francisco as I believe there could be a tie in for them. Craig, who was unable to attend the convention because of family issues, is really excited about getting more involved. He will be reaching out to our affiliates in the near future to forge relationships on a personal basis. Craig is the consummate professional and attended the first convention in Denver in 08.

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AREA Associate 2010 FIABCI-Canada President

Oakville, Ontario (November 13, 2009): 

Ursula Morel - 2010 FIABCI President

Ursula Morel, our AREA representative in Whistler, BC became the 2010 President of the Canadian Chapter of the International Real Estate Federation (FIABCI) at its Annual General Meeting in Victoria last month. She holds Trans-National Referral Certification and is a Certified International Properties Specialist and Resort and Second Property Specialist.

 Ms. Morel specializes in luxury resort and second home property marketing and is a member of the Institute for Luxury Home Marketing with the achievement of the Million Dollar Guild. Fluent in French and German she has been a Chapter Director since 2006 and at the international level has attended numerous conferences world wide consistently promoting Canada and in particular British Columbia and Whistler.

 After being congratulated by Dale Riplinger, President of the Canadian Real Estate Association and Dean Lapointe, President of FIABCI Americas she stated she was looking forward to sharing the FIABCI mission statement of providing real estate professionals throughout the world with an effective means of communication to enable them to share their knowledge with each other and with the international community in order to provide society with the optimal solution to its property needs.

 Secretary-General Jerry England said that he was encouraged by Ursula’s determination and enthusiasm and knows that she will be a driving force in the new initiatives to effectively bring social networking and referral making to the forefront of membership benefits. 

With its headquarters in Paris, The International Real Estate Federation (IREF) or Fédération Internationale des Professions Immobilièrs (FIABCI) is a world wide network operating in over 60 countries representing 1.5 million real estate professionals.

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Visting AREA Associates (11/09) – Part I

The Chauvet

This week I had the pleasure of personally visiting with several of our members.

My first stop was in San Francisco where I had breakfast with Mike Hood, our residential representative in the Bay Area. Mike is a native, 30, recently married and highly motivated individual. He was unable to attend our convention (best man at a Vermont wedding), but I can assure all is someone you will want to get to know. Among our discussions we talked about getting involved with the Chinese community in San Francisco. Mike will be working on that aspect and wishes to join a consortium including Nick Walker (Vancouver), Mallina Wilson (Bellingham) and Christophe Choo (Beverly Hills) in a joint promotion of quality west coast properties to the Vancouver Chinese community.

I then joined Hans Hansson (San Francisco – Commercial) and his staff for their weekly teleconference staff meeting. Hans’ office is located on the 12th floor of a high rise in the financial district where he overseas a large office of professionals dealing in Bay area commercial activities. He is also on the board of TCN-Starboard ( a world wide network of commercial professionals) and wishes to engage AREA in a joint web program that promises to bring to all of us an incredible opportunity (commission based) to promote our listings (residential, commercial and land) on a global scale. We will be receiving a proposal regarding that in a couple of weeks and hope to have the program in place by mid February.

Then it was off to the wine country with the first stop in Glen Ellyn at a remarkable property that Hans and his wife, Christine, oversee called The Chauvet. They and their partners have rehabilitated this turn of the century, three story hotel into a destination vacation resort. It offers only 6 suites, each sleeping up to 8. Simply stunning! A great place for us one day to all meet. Christine gave me the grand tour … she was very involved in the interior design and layout of this incredible property.


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AREA November 2009 Update

Embassy Suites - Location of the AREA 2009 Convention

October 24th


Our 2009 convention was held in Denver.  Around half of the membership attended this year’s event which centered on the importance of referring between Canada and the USA as well as intra-country.

Carole Evans, representing the Carole Evans Group of Ottawa, was awarded the AREA Best Residential Website Award as was Nevius International of Las Vegas for the best commercial site.

James Dearsley of Atlas International (London) and Ernst Olschowka (Hamburg) representing AREA’s European operations were among those in attendance.

November 16th

San Diego Convention Center - NAR 2009

Carl attended the NAR Convention in San Diego and was highly pleased to be have been invited to Mallina Wilson’s cocktail party held on the 40th floor lounge of the Manchester Hyatt on Friday evening. Among those in attendance was Ryan Anslyn of Aspen, representing the Aspen Board of Realtors. Ryan was also an attendee at the AREA Convention in Denver. Also in attendance were AREA Members Carole Evans of Ottawa, Rob Handley of San Diego, Linda Pasas, San Diego and Bill McMillan of Palm Springs. One of the conferences featured speakers, Peter Knight of London, also attended Mallina’s get together. Among others in attendance was Federico A. Marin-Schumacher of Costa Rica, Richard Palfreeman of London, the managing director of Northfields Real Estate; Sean Newman of Fine and Country, London; Sarah Rowland of Chicago and Young Kim of Dayton, Ohio.

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The Huntsman Compound – Deer Valley

Joel Fine
Joel Fine Park City, Utah

AREA Associate Joel Fine has listed the beautiful Huntsman Compound in Deer Valley for a cool $55 Million. This estate/compound is the crown jewel of Deer Valley. This 20,000 sq. ft. log home comes elegantly furnished w/10 bedrooms, 2 bunk bedrooms (20 mattresses), 15 bathrooms, large great rooms, dining room seats 20, indoor pool, fitness center, library, children’s playrooms, 6 & 22 car garages, and more. Ideal for family compound or development. Contiguous parcels are 40.69 acres with home, 19.53 acres, and 3.61 acres. The Huntsman’s will reduce the price of the compound dollar for dollar for any money donated to the Huntsman Cancer Institute!

For more information including pictures click here: Huntsman Listing.
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Mallina Wilson – Bellingham, Washington

Mallina Wilson - Bellingham, WA

Mallina Wilson - Bellingham, WA

Mallina Wilson serves local, national and international clients seeking wealth and pleasure in global real estate. She is a Certified International Property Specialist Realtor and networks with over 2500 fellow CIPS Realtors around the world to find the perfect investment for each client. She is the owner of International Real Estate Investments Inc and is a RE/MAX Realtor enhancing her global connections. She is currently working towards the goal of a team of 5 to serve worldwide!

Mallina serves at the local level in her Realtor Association, is a International Real Estate Committee member at the state level and has been involved with Habitat for Humanity Builds at the national level. She is a Red Cross Volunteer and has done several mission trips with her church.

Designations: CIPS, TRC, ABR, AHWD

Associations and Affiliations: FIABCI, Commercial Brokers Association, ICREA, AREAA Member, SAREA Member, Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, Bellingham Chamber of Commerce, Ferndale Chamber of Commerce, IREC for the State of Washington

Mallina was nominated for Realtor Rookie of the Year within her first year in real estate and was awarded Realtor of the Quarter for outstanding service by her local Board of Realtors. She has been realtor of the month and of the quarter with RE/MAX Whatcom County and inducted into the Executive Club by RE/MAX International

Mallina Wilson lives in Bellingham Washington, USA which is located 2hrs North of Seattle Washington and 1hr South of Vancouver British Columbia, Canada. Bellingham sits next to Bellingham Bay with Mount Baker to the East which holds the highest snowfall record and grants some of the best skiing world wide. You can play in the snow in the afternoon and kayake in the bay an hour later as the sun sets! Bellingham is an international city with an airport labelled as such, has a port that hosts an Alaskan Ferry and is a location just being discovered. The prices are brilliant and the opportunities abound. Bellingham draws many college students from around the world to attend Western Washington University, known for its International Business program, Woodring College of Education and the Huxley College of the Environment it hosts. If you are ever thinking of visiting, give Mallina a call, she would enjoy showing you around!

Her mission is to always exceed your expectations in service and performance whether on a local or global level. She is honored at the opportunity to be of service.  AREA is pleased to have Mallina on our team!  To contact Mallina, please use the form below.

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Dana Harris – Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Dana Harris - Jackson Hole, WY

Dana Harris - Jackson Hole, WY

Dana is a part of the Jackson Hole Real Estate Associates brokerage in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Dana has worked in the real estate business there since 2003 and specializes in lifestyle properties. He is a licensed agent in both Wyoming and Idaho. He has also been involved in real estate investment in both California and Nevada and was a local business owner in Jackson Hole for several years as well. Prior to embarking on a real estate career he was a senior manager in the electronics industry in California for companies such as Nortel, AMD and AMCC. His unique business background gives him an excellent perspective of what it takes to get results while providing exceptional service. As a licensed real estate agent in Wyoming and Idaho he has been on both the buy and sell side of transactions. He knows what you should be able to expect from your agent – honesty, knowledge, hard work and most of all putting your interests first. To contact Dana, please use the form below.

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Carole Evans – Ottawa, Ontario

Carole Evans - Ottawa, Ontario

Carole Evans - Ottawa, Ontario

It is ironic that Carole Evans’ earliest memories are that of moving. She was only 2 ½ years old and the Reid family home was packed into two trucks – Carole’s father driving one and a neighbour the other. As she climbed into the neighbour’s truck with her mother she watched her father and brother drive off. The panic that raked through her body can still be rekindled. She was never going to see them again!

Nothing could have been further from the truth. But the lesson of that trauma has remained with Carole as she works with other families, helping them deal with the stresses of moving.

Carole grew up on a horse farm near Woodstock, New Brunswick where she, along with her parents, 3 siblings & uncle lived an almost idyllic life. The four children all consider themselves to be very fortunate to have grown up with a totally blind family member. Sympathy for their blind uncle did not exist, only appreciation for strengths & weaknesses.

The family established a very successful horse business. “Negotiating has been a part of my life since I was a young child watching my father negotiate deals. These are not skills that suddenly appear but rather ones that are built upon. Maturity hones the skill of negotiation, using common-sense, appreciation for value, and a good-eye for a good deal to help a client get the most for their money.”

Born into a musical family, Carole has played piano since the age of 5. It is a vital part of her life, allowing her a venue to express her emotions, be it though classical, spiritual, jazz or her own compositions. “My musical abilities are all part of the creativity thing. It is important to be able to visualize what might be in a house, not just what is concrete and in front of your face.”

After university in Fredericton, Carole married her friend, Harry, an Electrical Engineer whom she had met while he was doing his Master degree in Bio-engineering. (They celebrate 30 years this year….or as Carole jokes “we’ve had 5 good years of marriage. The 1st year was good, the 7th, the 15, and the 22nd & 27th.). They went on to have two wonderful boys, Robert & Colin…one with strong technical skills and the other exceptional people skills. These three males in her life persevere with the hectic pace she leads.

Carole’s early career days were primarily in the marketing field – N.B tourism & industrial development in southern NB. “My marketing & public relations skills are used throughout the marketing of homes. It is not just enough to assume that a sign and listing on the MLS is adequate. A marketing plan is essential. I present one to clients on the listing of their house. Networking is also a vital component of an effective marketing plan.”

The entrepreneur that was in her blood first appeared when she & her best friend, Beth Kelly, started Aquila Tours. It has since gone on to become one of the fastest growing companies in the Maritime Provinces, winning awards on a yearly basis.

Carole excelled in whatever task or job she took on but she has two proud highlights: 1. committing a year to help organize Sylvia House Hospice for terminally ill people: doing all of the legal work (incorporation & charitable status), and making the formal presentations to hospitals, government bodies, churches, etc. 2. Orchestrating the study of CPR in high schools throughout Renfrew County.

Carole taught Gr. 13 Law & Sociology with the Carleton School Bd. – “My teaching hat helps me to explain, in easy to understand terms, what the legal jargon means and to break the whole buying or selling process down into manageable parts- de-mystifying this whole real estate thing.”

In 1991 Carole lost both of her beloved parents in a car crash in New Brunswick. This life experience has given her an understanding that augments her degree in social work & counseling – “My counselor’s hat comes out continually with people who are grieving loss, be it of a family-member through death or divorce; with children- teens experiencing a move from friends; with the difficulties experienced in down-sizing. One must hear & understand what an individual is experiencing to be able to help them effectively.”

She left teaching grade 13 law & sociology (Adult Night School, allowing her to be at home through the day with her young children) and changed careers totally, eventually ending up in real estate, a passion that has utilized all of her life experiences and skills.

“My experience with my husband & two children as well as the experience of growing up in New Brunswick in a wonderful family, has helped me to appreciate the needs of a family, the traumas of moving and what a family needs in a home.”

Carole glows when she talks about real estate. The people. The creative marketing. Her team. The change that comes with each client’s needs. She loves all of it.  To contact Carole, please use the form below.

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Alan Young – Fernie, British Columbia

Alan Young - Fernie, B.C>

Alan Young - Fernie, B.C.

Life is meant to be an adventure so in 2003 Alan and his family traded in the big city of Toronto for the small town charm of Fernie. It didn’t take long to get heavily involved in the community, starting with coaching soccer and participating heavily in local education issues to serving a 3 year term on Fernie City Council. Combined with powder skiing and mountain biking there’s never a dull moment!

After a 21 year career in global currency trading, Alan was drawn to real estate by his passion for people and property. A background in financial analysis, negotiation and investing combined with his knowledge of the local issues and processes gives Alan a unique perspective that has made him one of the Elk Valley’s most successful realtors.

 “My philosophy is simple. Treat others as you would like to be treated. In a no pressure environment I promise a relationship built on trust, communication, respect and placing my client’s needs first. My goal is to deliver the highest service possible through hard work and professionalism”

 About Fernie

 Fernie is located in the southwestern corner of B.C, surrounded on all sides by the Rocky Mountains. Founded in 1908 as a coal mining town, Fernie is rich in history as evidenced by the brick buildings lining the historical downtown, now home to cafes, stores, galleries and restaurants. Over the years the town has become known as an outdoor mecca, with any outdoor activity imagineable right out side your door. Enjoy renowned powder skiing at Fernie Alpine Resort, 5 minutes from town. Home to world class fly fishing, the Elk River flows right through the middle of Fernie. Mountain biking, hiking, snowshoeing, kayaking, white-water rafting, snowmobiling, swimming at the Aquatic Centre and golfing are some of the activities available.

 With a fulltime population of 4,300 Fernie has an interesting and eclectic mix of people and places to enjoy. Not a tourist resort but a real town, Fernie is still what many places used to be.  To contact Alan, please use the form below.

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The Embarcadero – Tubac, Arizona

Several years ago, we made this DVD covering the Embarcadero property in Tubac, Arizona, which we developed.  It was made prior to construction, using both architectural drawings and information provided by our interior designer.  A firm in Toronto did the animation which is incredibly realistic when compared with the final product.  Have a look.  Great commissions are paid for referrals to this one of a kind town home community located in one of America’s great treasures.  For further information please contact our AREA’s Associate Steve Marino with Tubac Long Realty.

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Ryan Anslyn – Aspen, Colorado

Ryan Anslyn - Aspen, Colorado

Ryan Anslyn - Aspen, Colorado

Welcome to our newest AREA Associate!  A native of Aspen, Ryan Anslyn grew up in a real estate family. He graduated from the University of Colorado-Boulder with a double major in International Business and Transportation Management.  After several years of sales work with a steamship company, he traveled the world and decided that the Aspen Area is the best place to call home.  From land, homes and investment properties, he knows the valley from up to down with decades of experience. As a father, Ryan is excited to be a certified Eco-broker who promotes energy-efficient and “green” features in homes and buildings.  “I believe that the most important part of Real Estate is educating the customer.  I like to be the teacher, imparting knowledge to my clients so they can make more informed decisions on the market and areas to live.”

Industry Leaders: Chaffin Light Real Estate

As a united enterprise, with offices in Aspen, Snowmass and Basalt, Chaffin Light Real Estate offers a team of seasoned real estate brokers, a powerful force of the industry’s finest. “We are very proud to have assembled this exceptional team of real estate professionals. We believe that their knowledge and dedication combined with the access to our three offices will make Chaffin Light Real Estate a great success.” -Jim Light

Inside Aspen

Aspen is a small town with a big reputation. Tucked away in Colorado’s Elk Mountain range, Aspen is defined by its majestic mountains, a variety of outdoor activities and robust history and artistic culture. It is Colorado’s most picturesque and vibrant year-round resort.

Aspen is also known as a world renowned as a ski resort, but the town of Aspen began modestly, with a colorful past full of entrepreneurs, risk-takers, athletes and environmentalists. Originally a summer hunting camp of the Ute Indians, Aspen’s first white settlers arrived in the 1870s when miners traveled from nearby Colorado towns in search of silver. Thanks to rich mines and hard work, Aspen “boomed,” quickly becoming home to more than 12,000 miners and their families. But as quickly as the wealth came, the repeal of the Sherman Silver Act of 1893 caused Aspen to “bust,” and town entered what is referred to as “The Quiet Years.” During that time ranching kept the Aspen area viable, as residents grew crops on McLain Flats and in Woody Creek. It was a difficult time for Aspen, as its population dwindled to less than 1,000 residents. But the Aspen spirit couldn’t be squelched.

In the late 1940s skiing arrived in Aspen as did modern day founders Walter and Elizabeth Paepcke. With a vision for the community that focused on Mind, Body and Spirit, the Paepckes helped Aspen begin a civic and cultural renaissance – one that continues to this day, we call it “The Aspen Idea.”

That idea drives the internal energy of Aspen. Forget what you think you know about our mountain town, come and experience “The Aspen Idea” for yourself. Enjoy a day on the mountain in the winter or a bike ride along the Rio Grande Trail in the summer. Fantastic food, incredible environment, but most of all great people: That’s what Aspen is all about.

Ton contact Ryan please use the form below.

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Real Estate Rebound?

The video link below speaks to the real estate market rebounding. Denver was the first foreclosure bubble to burst, and they are saying Denver is in perfect shape for a recovery in the near future. Same with Seattle, San Francisco and other cities.

Real Estate Rebound

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East Meets West

Below is a video featuring our newest partner – Monarch Real Estate of the Ukraine.  It was shot during Carl Bosse’s latest trip to Europe.  The principle of Monarch, Telman Abbasov, is the president of FIABCI-Ukraine.  His business associate, Victoria Banker, is the secretary general for FIABCI-Ukraine.  AREA is pleased to partner with Monach to promote our respective businessess.

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Taking a Trip to the West?

Taking a trip through the west?  Here are some ideas

If you happen to be near Missoula on Saturday, May 2, you might want to drop by the University of Montana and take in the Capstone Dinner “The Elegant side of Montana” which is the annual fund raiser for the Culinary Student Education Fund. It begins at 5:30 with a social hour with appetizers. There will be a sumptuous 5 course meal followed by a silent auction and live entertainment. Cost is $80 and tickets may be had at     406-243-7870    . It is well worth the trip. Our associate in Missoula is Diane Beck. She’ll be happy to assist you (    406-880-7653    )

Going to Vegas? If you like oriental food, try the Orleans Resort and Casino. It has a small out of the way noodle restaurant that is world class. Also, the dim sum at the Pongo Restaurant is as good as anything in Hong Kong or San Francisco. Our associate in Las Vegas is Karen Nevius (    702-809-2487    )

Victoria, British Columbia is as British as it gets in North America. Take the high speed ferry from Seattle and enjoy a grand trip. High Tea in Victoria at the Fairmont Empress is a classic event. For information you can reach both James LeBlanc and Scott Piercy at ( 250-380-3933).

Catch a baseball game at Coors Field in Denver. The ball park is located downtown close to hotels and great restaurants. Parking is a dream and there is not a bad seat at the ball park, regardless of where you sit. Amazingly, tickets in the deep outfield are only $4. Regular tickets begin at $24. A great place to stay is the wonderful Oxford Hotel located on 17th street just a short walk to the park. For hotel reservations call     1-303-628-5400    . For details about a great Denver vacation call Tim Stott (    303-913-8870    )

Tucson, Arizona. One of the world’s great walks is the hiking tour through Sabino Canyon. This 8-10 mile trip is easy and is located in one of the high desert’s most picturesque locations. For additional information about Southern Arizona’s many wonderful attractions, call Christine Job (    520-841-3400    ).

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The Company We Keep

Congratulations are in order for several members of our association who, over the years, have distinguished themselves through their professional contributions to our industry. Specifically, Bruce Sheldon of Vancouver (headquarters of the 2010 Winter Olympics)

Bruce Sheldon

is the 2009 president of the Western Canadian Commercial Brokers Association. Ursula Morel of Whistler, home of the 2010 Winter Olympics,

Ursula Morel - Whistler, B.C.

is the 2010 president-elect of FIABCI Canada. (FIABCI is the international real estate federation founded in Paris in 1945).  And, Tyler Clay of Reno is the 2008-09 President of FIABCI USA.

Tyler Clay

All of us at Associated Realty of the Americas take great pride in being associated with such wonderful professionals.

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